Our Financial Planning Process

We are passionate planners. Making sure our clients have successful financial plans (and understand them!) is what we live for. Financial planning is an ongoing process that helps a family continually identify their goals and achieve them through careful management of their resources.

1.“Identifying goals” is a continuous process of thinking about your goals and adjusting them as your resources and specific circumstances change over time. Common goals include:

  1. Understanding and having confidence in your finances
  2. Choosing a retirement date
  3. Protecting yourself and your family
  4. Charitable giving during your lifetime, including college tuition
  5. Spending goals - before and after retirement
  6. Leaving money to your kids, charities, or other entities
  7. Protecting your family from unintended consequences when you are gone

2.“Careful management of resources” is maximizing the long-term, after-tax value of your resources by understanding all the choices and issues related to:

  1. Your specific tax situation, including long-term strategies (we actually do long-term tax planning)
  2. Social Security benefit strategies
  3. Healthcare and Medicare plans
  4. Investment selection and appropriate risk
  5. Choosing most advantageous account types and coordinating with investments
  6. Pension choices and other retirement benefit options
  7. Long-term care
  8. Life and disability insurance needs
  9. Estate and Trust Planning
  10. How all these issues affect each other

The majority of relationships with our clients are long-term. The relatively small size of our local firm allows us feel as if we are part of your family. This helps us quickly think of YOU when new planning issues arise. As opportunities surface for your family, you should expect to hear from us.  Your success is our success, which is what drives each and every one of us at SS+D Financial.